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Claus Hard White Satin Porcelain-Stoneware Ceramic Glaze - Laguna Glaze It is a matte white coloured porcelain-stoneware ceramic glaze.This glaze group sold in powder form can be used for porcelain or stoneware bodies as suitable for spraying or dipping. It is an ideal satin white glaze for surfaces that need special hardness. It contains alumina.It is suitable for spraying or dipping. It is food safe. Product Technical Features: Temperature: 1184-1222 °C (Cone:5) It is sold as powder. Coloured glazes can be obtained by colouring with pigment. For a homogeneous mixture and application, we recommend sieving through a 180µ sieve after diluting the glaze. It can be prepared in accordance with the application by dipping or spray gun. Dipping: 46-47 Bome (1470 gr/lt density) in transparent glazes Spray gun: 60 Bome (1710-1714 gr/lt density) Dipping : 55 Bome (1615-1620gr/lt density) in coloured glazes Bome-Density Conversion: d=144/144-Bome It is food safe. Recommended firing temperature range: 1184-1222 °C For best results, use by testing in your own firing conditions. What is Porcelain-Stoneware Ceramic Glaze? How Is It Used? It should be prepared with brush medium for brushing. It is food safe. Ceramic glaze is a glassy structure applied to the surface to make the surfaces of ceramic products with a porous structure impermeable and to ease usage by increasing the aesthetic effect. It is a kind of glass that is resistant to high temperatures, acids and bases.
Laguna Clay
Firing Range
1184 °C - 1222 °C
Produckt Group
Produckt Family
Cone 5
Çerez Kullanımı

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