Two Functional Side Ceramic Sponge

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Ceramic Two-Side Retouching Sponge has rectangular prismatic structure that one side is soft fine porous and the other side is black large porous.

It is used for retouching operations of correcting mistakes, deburring, cleaning powder and dirt on ceramic, porcelain, tile, and also grog type clay-based products.

Coarse retouching can be made with black large porous side of Ceramic. Fine retouching can be made with soft yellow side of Sponge . The user can make both coarse and fine retouching with a single sponge.

It is used in ceramic products and does not scratch.

It has flexible sponge structure and long-term usage life. You can wash with water and use many times. After wetting the sponge with water, you can squeeze without curling it with one hand and use it again.

It is a premium quality sponge that can be used in Craft & Hobby projects, home decorations and decorative paintings.

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