Pottery Form - Oval
Pottery Form - Oval

Pottery Form - Oval (15276038)

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• Pottery forms give a pleasant start to people who are new to ceramics, thanks to the easy obtaining of plate forms.
• Pottery forms are water-resistant as long as not kept wet fo a long time. Better wiped then washed to clean
• It is used to obtain easy and standard shapes from ceramic clay.

Application of Wooden Plate Molds

Choose the form and size you want from the plate molds. Roll out your clay plate by using a roller of desired thickness or plate rolling machine. Unless a texture is desired on the surface, smooth the surface of the plate you prepared from ceramics clay with the help of a scraper. If you wish, you can also apply a pattern you will choose with MKM decor tools at this stage. Place the clay plate on the mold, press it lightly and homogeneously to transfer the mold's form to the ceramics clay. You can also use a sponge block for pressing. After waiting for a while, you can carefully turn down the clay plate and plate mold (it will make your work easier if you put a support like a tray, etc. under it while turning it to prevent the form from breaking down). Then gently remove the plate mold and let the plate mold dry.

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Pottery Form
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