Aluminium Gauge Post

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  • Aluminium Gauge Post is a hand tool that is used to draw horizontal and parallel lines on the plaster model, mould auxiliary materials and mould parts, determine the height measurement, move the height measurement to another place, control and marking processes.
  • Ceramic modelists use Aluminium Gauge Post to determine the mould lines and axis lines of the models to be moulded.
  • Aluminium Gauge Post is preferred by model moulders and it is a hand tool that consists of fixing screws that move up and down on its own base in order to measure on the product.
  • You should be clean and meticulous when using Aluminium Gauge Post . You should pay atteintion to the cleanliness of the tab.
  • To use a very long time and achive correct results we recommend you to clean from materials like plaster and clay, wipe with a dry cloth after every use and lubricate with a thin oil.
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