Calico WC871

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CALICO WC871 is a multi-purpose modeling clay. WC871 is one of the most suitable clays for forming by hand and pottery wheel. Controlled drying and being homogeneous thickness of the product surface are required in order to avoid deformation and cracking in the works performed with Calico clay. It offers you very different effects, especially after your application with the glaze. For best results, we recommend making your own tryings. Product Technical Features: Temperature 1185°C (Cone: 5) Firing Colour Speckled Grey Texture Medium Coarse Penetration 6.75 (Provides ease of forming) Shrinking of Firing 13% (±2) Percentage of Water Absorption 3,5% (±1) Coefficient of Expansion (COE x 10-6) 5,99

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