CT.Set Carving Tool Set

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Scraping tools; These hand tools with fine tips and different head structures are ideal for detailed sgraffito applications and to make detailed reliefs on difficult-to-work. With sharp and changeable designs and fine tracing, detail practice and practice is suitable.

• Fine blade with 0.5 mm thickness and different head structures,

• Handmade wooden handle (12.5 cm), fabric application was made to the wooden handle surface to provide ease of holding.

• It can be used in leather hardness and shaping of dry products.

• It provides the opportunity to work at different angles with its adjustable head.

• It is suitable for usage in superficial reliefs.

• It is used for carving under glaze applications on clay having leather hardness.

• It is suitable for usage in sgraffito applications.

• It is suitable for usage in Mishima, sculpture, scraping and more.

• The scraping tips was made of stainless steel.

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