EM - 1247 Volcanic Ochre Glaze

SKU: 15377426

21x29: 473 ml


Laguna Artificial Salt Cone 06 glazes are crater looking glazes thanks to unnatural salt. It has a hard surface structure. You can obtain the colour tones you want by adding pigment or oxide into EM-1245 Light Cream. Product Technical Features: • Temperature: 995-1060 °C (Cone:6) • It is a ready to use and suitable glaze for application with brushing technique. • Shake the can before starting the application. • We recommend adding some water to the glaze in the can for a homogeneous mixture and application. • You can make your application in two or three coats. • It is food safe. It does not contain lead. • Recommended firing temperature range: 1000-1040 °C • We recommend that you to try at your own kiln regime for the adaptation of glaze and body. What is Artistic Ceramics Glaze? How Is It Used? Artistic ceramics glazes are glassy structure applied to the surface to make the surfaces of ceramics products with a porous structure impermeable and to ease usage by increasing the aesthetic effect. It is a kind of glass that is resistant to high temperatures, acids and bases. They are ready to use. You can easily perform application with a brush.

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