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Product to remove rust stains from marble, limestone, travertine and acid-sensitive materials.

MAR GEL PLUS is a unique, innovative stain remover specifically formulated to remove rust marks and stains from acid-sensitive materials such as marble, limestone and travertine.

MAR GEL PLUS has a particular formulation that allows it to penetrate deep down, even into the most compact lime-based surfaces, such as brushed or polished finishes. Once there, it even removes the rust in the thickness of the material.

After treating rust stains on lime-based material using MAR GEL PLUS , the next step is to treat with OSR. MAR GEL PLUS reacts to remove the rust, creating a purple compound that

turns darker according to the depth of the rust stain. OSR when applied after using MAR GEL PLUS can remove these residues remaining inside the stone, completing the stain removal process.

Once applied over the stain to be removed, the product works alone without needing any further processes, until it completely removes the rust stain. MAR GEL PLUS is easy to apply and its gel formula means it is simple to use, even on vertical surfaces.


  • Water-based product
  • Effective on rust but gentle on marble
  • Capable of deep down removal
  • Quick and easy application
  • Eliminates rust through the whole thickness of the material


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Suitable for use on: Marble-cement agglomerate, Marble-resin agglomerate, Cementina, Concrete, Craquelé ceramics, Cement-based grout widths, Limestone, Marble, Travertine

MAR GEL PLUS is specifically for acid-sensitive materials, but it can be used on any material where there are rust stains to be removed.


Brush, Spatula, Direct application to stains


Preparing and cleaning the surface

  1. Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present.
  2. Never use MAR GEL PLUS on wet surfaces; make sure that the surface to be treated is dry or at most, only slightly damp.
  3. Do not apply MAR GEL PLUS to overly heated surfaces. We recommend applying the product during the coolest periods of the day.
  4. In the case in which the surface to be treated has a previous surface layer of wax, proceed to the removal of the same with Double Stripping.
  5. The product is for use without dilution. Pour the product straight onto the surface being treated. Use a brush, spatula or if simpler, pour directly onto the surface, covering it completely with a thick layer of product. MAR GEL PLUS will create a purple compound when it comes into contact with the rust. The purple compound forms more quickly and in a deeper colour the closer the rust mark is to the surface.
  6. Leave the product to act on the surface until the stain has been completely extracted. The time required will depend on the intensity of the stain, its depth, stubbornness and the amount of time it has been there. Based on the above, it is not possible to provide an exact time period required by the product to remove the stain. We therefore recommend that you test the product reaction to get an idea of the time needed for a satisfactory result. In any case, the following information can serve as a guide:
  • For surface, recent and pale rust marks, the removal time is generally from 5 to 20 minutes.
  • For slightly deeper, medium-toned rust marks, the removal time is generally from 30 minutes to 3 hours. For applications over 30 minutes and based on the sensitivity and the type of material treated, the surface may lose some of its shine. This can in any case be restored easily, using a Faber polish.
  • For deep, dark rust stains that have penetrated through the material, the extraction time can vary from 4 to 10 hours. For this type of application, and based on the sensitivity and the type of material treated, the surface may lose its shine. This can in any case be restored easily, using a Faber polish.
  • In case of stain removal requiring longer periods of time, we recommend applying a sufficiently thick layer of product to avoid having to add more in the event that it dries too quickly.
  1. After the set period of time, proceed to remove the product and its residues. To remove MAR GEL PLUS it is possible to use absorbent paper or cloths in case of small surfaces, soaking up and removing residues until the surface is completely clean. For medium or larger surfaces, it is possible to collect the residues with a squeegee before soaking them up more easily with absorbent paper or cloths until all excess has been removed.
  2. After carefully removing all product residues, apply OSR to remove the purple compound created by the action of MAR GEL PLUS. Refer carefully to the instructions on the OSR data sheet. OSR needs to act on the surface for at least twice the amount of time needed by MAR GEL PLUS to react with the rust stain.

If the finished result is not totally satisfactory, repeat the product application process as described above, or decide on the need to sand the surface beforehand.

When working to remove more complex, deeper rust stains from natural stone, it may be necessary to pass over the surface with a mechanical polisher to increase the surface absorption and therefore, the penetration of the stain remover, for more effective results.

The depth of polishing will depend on the extent of stain penetrations. For very deep stains, you may need to work with lower grain size. This preliminary operation will achieve a much deeper extraction and in far less time.

We always recommend that, before using stain remover on large areas, you perform an initial test to see whether or not it is necessary to use a mechanical polisher on the surface beforehand. Once the stain has been removed, pass over the surface until it has the required shine.

Opening to floor traffic

After rinsing the surface with water, wait for the floor to dry completely before opening to foot traffic.


  • For routine cleaning of a surface treated with MAR GEL PLUS we recommend: ALGAFLOOR
  • For extraordinary cleaning of a surface treated with MAR GEL PLUS we recommend: FABER 30, according to the type of surface to be cleaned


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