Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

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Water-based cream to restore full-body polished porcelain tiles and glazed polished porcelain tiles.

PORCELAIN RESTORATION CREAM is a water-based cream to be used to restore defects on full-body polished porcelain tiles, glazed polished porcelain tiles and glazed surfaces in general. The product has an ultra-fine micro-abrasive effect that will restore flaws and defects on the surfaces such as:

  • Slight abrasions
  • Scratches
  • Dulness
  • Cloudy effects
  • Disuniformity
  • General wear

PORCELAIN RESTORATION CREAM acts without changing the original look of the surface, and could be used inside a complete system to restore and protect the polished or glazed polished porcelain tiles.


  • Restores the original appearance of the material without spoiling the surface
  • Quick and easy application
  • Even looking finished results
  • Water-based product.
  • No defects through overlapping


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

This product is suitable for use on: Full-body polished porcelain tiles, Glazed polished porcelain tiles (Lappato), Glazed surfaces


Single disc machine with at least 1.5 HP; manual rotary brush.

Faber Chimica is able to supply the WARRIOR single disc machine, which has a power of 2.2 HP, and is optimised for the correct application of any product.

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