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Lamination Paste 430 -12 is supporting, reinforcing composite materials of other mould materials that hold the mould parts together in a silicone mould and duplicator moulds. Lamination Paste 430 -12 is used in the art of sculpture, hobby and ornaments silicone moulds to form jacket parts and to increase strength. Lamination Paste 430 -12 is a two-component product with an A and B component. Component A is grey fibre reinforced, while component B is green and liquid. Lamination Paste 430 -12 components are mixed in 100 to 12 (100: 12)proportion and it is solid. Since its formula structure is fibre-reinforced, it provides extra strength. Lamination Paste 430 -12 is a product that needs to be kneaded by hand. Because of its dense fibre structure, the application should be manual. Lamination Paste 430 -12 are exothermic products that release heat during curing, as the component increase curing is increased with the same speed too. Lamination Paste 430 -12 When 200 grams of product is prepared, it should be used in 30 minutes. After one hour the surface dries. Hardness formation is seen after 2-3 hours. Completely curing takes 24 hours. We recommend that you wear protective glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize the risk of getting dirty. The package contains a 1000 gr lamination paste and a 120 gr hardener.

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