MS-203 Ghana Black Engobe

SKU: 15377184

21x29: 473 ml


Black Porcelain-Stoneware Engobe- Laguna Glaze It is a black porcelain-stoneware ceramic engobe. It is ready to use. You can easily perform an application with a brush. with this black engobe, you can cover the surface of your body in black. It makes a matte surface by itself and apears glossy with transparent glazes. Product Technical Features: Degree: 1184-1222 °C (Cone:5) It is ready to use and suitable engobe for application with brushing technique. Shake the can before starting the application. We recommend adding some water to the engobe in the can for a homogeneous mixture and application. It is food safe. We recommend that you to try at your own kiln regime for the adaptation of engobe and body. What is Engobe? How Is It Used? It is a matte covering structure to decorate or cover the colour of body. You can apply glaze on Engobe. Before firing of biscuit, you can apply engobe to your raw product and make decorating with scraping technique. You can use it by applying transparent or any other glaze on Engobe. It is food safe when it is fired at correct temperature.

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