MS - 22 GreenTweed Glaze

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GreenTweed Laguna Glaze

It is a glossy green glaze. You can easily perform application with a brush on the biscuit. Mix homogeneously before application.


Product Technical Features:

  • Temperature: 1184-1222 °C (Cone:5)

  • It is ready to use and suitable for application with brushing technique.

  • Shake the can before starting the application.

  • We recommend adding some water to the glaze in the can for a homogeneous mixture and application.

  • You can make your application in two or three coats.

  • It is food safe.

  • Recommended firing temperature range: 1184-1222 °C

  • We recommend that you to try at your own kiln conditions for the adaptation of glaze and body.


What is Porcelain-Stoneware Ceramic Glaze? How Is It Used?

Ceramic glazes are glassy structure applied to the surface to make the surfaces of ceramic products with a porous structure impermeable and to ease usage by increasing the aesthetic effect.

It is a kind of glass that is resistant to high temperatures, acids and bases.

They are ready to use.

You can directly apply.

You can easily perform application with a brush.

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