Porcelain Frost 10 WC896

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Frost^10 (Porcelain) WC896- Laguna Clay Frost^10 (Porcelain) WC896 porcelain plastic vacuum clay is a highly light translucent porcelain clay suitable for multi-purpose use. It is suitable for forming by pottery wheel and hand. It is especially preferred in situations where light transmittance is required. What is Porcelain Clay and How Is It Used? Porcelain clay is a white coloured, translucent ceramics clay that gains vitreous property by preparing kaolin, quartz and feldspars by weighing them in certain recipes and firing them at nearly 1184-1300°C. These clays, which are produced in vacuum, can be easily formed by pottery wheel or hand, thanks to their high plastic feature. Try at your own kiln regime and kiln atmosphere for best results. Product Technical Features: Temperature 1300°C (Cone: 10) Firing Colour White-Semi Transparent (Light Translucent) Texture Smooth Penetration 6.75 (Provides ease of forming) Shrinking of Firing 14.00% (±2) Percentage of Water Absorption 1.0% (±1) Coefficient of Expansion (COE x 10-6) 4,85

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