Porcelain Frost WC437

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Translucent Moist Porcelain Clay Frost  – Laguna Clay

Frost WC437 moist porcelain clay is suitable for multi-purpose use.  It is suitable for wheel throwing and hand building. Especially, it is very suitable for use in situations where light transmittance is required. It is fired in an electrical kiln in a structure of white and light transmittance .


What Is Porcelain Clay and How Is It Used?


Porcelain clays are white coloured and translucent ceramic clays that gain vitrified properties by perfect formula, and firing them at approximately 1184-1300°C. Because of their platicity, you can work on pottery wheel or hand building can be done with these clays . For best results, you try at your own kiln schedule and kiln atmosphere.



 Product Technical Features 

Firing Range 1184-1222°C (Cone 5)
Firing Colour White-Semi transparent (light permeable)
Texture Smooth
Penetration 6,75 (It provides ease of forming)
Firing Shrinkage 11 %(±2)
Water Absorption 1 % (±1)
Expansion Coefficient (COE x 10-6) 6,99

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