Professional Diamond Electroplated Sponge

SKU: 15348020

21x29: 200 Grit-Kırmızı


Crafist® Professional Diamond Resin Sponge is designed to correlate, hone, and polish granite, marble, quartz surfaces , natural stone, tile, glass and concrete surfaces.

Suitable for wet usage. Should be used with water when applied.

Diamond structures are adhered on a special foam sponge.

The shape and size makes it easy to use with hands.

First, make deep corrosions and corrections with electroplated hand pads, then use resin hand pads to achieve the best result.

Resin Hand Pads:

These resin hand pads are made with thinner diamond grains compared to electroplated hand pads.

Available grits: 500, 800, 3000 (Pink/White/Orange)

These tiny grits will ensure the best surface for polishing and honing.

500 Grid - Pink: Makes coarse grit polishing.

800 Grid - White: Makes coarse grit polishing.

3000 Grid - Orange: Makes coarse grit polishing.

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