QC Pearl Luster liquid -5gr (Decor)

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QC Pearl Luster liquid Over-Glaze Application - Crafist®

QC Pearl Luster is ready to use.  It makes usage easier by thinning with 4/1 cellulosic thinner. It is recommended to clean the surface to be applied with cellulosic thinner before the application. The firing range is between 650 °C -780 °C.

How to Use QC Pearl Luster Liquid Over-Glaze;

It is applied by thinning 4 units of QC Pearl Luster liquid with 1 unit of cellulosic thinner.
QC Pearl Luster Liquid Over-Glaze decor application is homogeneously applied to the surface in the form of a thin layer.
During the firing step, the kiln cover is left 3 cm range until the kiln temperature reaches 250-300 °C.
This is because; It is ensured that the gas released in the kiln is removed from the environment.
When the oven reaches its maximum temperature, it should be kept for 30 minutes.

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