Wc-136 Catalına Crackle-5 Glaze

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Laguna Crackle

With the Laguna Crackle glaze series, you can obtain crackle glazes in the range of 1185-1222 °C.

This glaze group does not contain lead and is non-toxic.

It is open to bacterial formation due to the cracked glaze surface. For this reason, it is recommended not to be used in eating and drinking containers.


Product Technical Features:

·         Temperature: 1185-1222 °C (Cone:5)

·         It is ready to use and suitable for application with brushing technique.

·         Shake the can before starting the application.

·         We recommend adding some water to the glaze in the can for a homogeneous mixture and application.

·         You can make your application in two or three coats.

·         It is food safe. It does not contain lead.

·         We recommend that you to try at your own kiln conditions for the adaptation of glaze and body.




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