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Acrylic One is a two-component material and contains mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. The combination of the two creates a very strong composite. This composite has fire resistance also it is very easy to use and make. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Acrylic One can be used as a material and support mould in sculpture making, and building materials in panel making.

Acrylic One can be cast, laminated, applied with a spatula, brushed or rolled. These techniques can be used together or applied to a mould or object.
Usage areas
Architecture: You can design any form and shape you want. You can create any structure you want with a large number of fillers and pigments,
Art and Sculpture: You can create your own art object or sculpture by casting or laminating the Acrylic One.
Interior & Exterior: Easily create your light and strong panels with Acrylic One and triaxial fibres in any desired structure or colour in the silicone mould.
Casting: Strong and light support moulds can be easily made from Acrylic One. Also, casting or rotation casting can be made in the desired look.
Interior Design: Panels, pillars and supports, as well as furniture such as chairs, tables, office furniture, can be made with Acrylic One.
Slab: Acrylic One plaster is a high-quality seamless wall covering for home, office and even wet areas. After being applied in different layers, special colour schemes, shadows and effects can be done by sanding.
Theme & Decor: Acrylic One allows you to create the scene you need and use it in various decorative areas.


Acrylic One Does not contain any solvent.
Acrylic One has Low heat generation (maximum 40 ° C).
Acrylic One does not shrink.
Acrylic One is environmentally friendly.
Acrylic One has better operating power.
Acrylic One has very high fire resistance.
Acrylic One is UV stabilized
Acrylic One can be painted.
Acrylic One is suitable for various surface areas.
Acrylic One is can be water-resistant if you glaze it.
Acrylic One has composite durable material, with strong mechanical properties.

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