Assos LYL_001 / 500 gr

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Product Technical Features


Recommended Firing Temperature: 1184-1200 °C (Cone:5-6)
It is a glaze which is ready to use and suitable for application with brushing technique.
Shake the can before starting the application.
You can make your application in two or three coats.
It is food safe.
It is an artistic looking, matte and effected glaze.
More effected views can be obtained on moving surfaces.
During the application, the less applied parts will be fired as a darker colour.
Temperature differences depending on your kiln placement and kiln mass may cause a change in the glaze colour.
1200 °C firing has been provided by applying the product visuals on the white structure. You can obtain different results in coloured structures. 
If you decrease the application density, the surface hardness of your glaze will increase.
We recommend that you to try at your own kiln conditions for the adaptation of glaze and body.

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